Our Manifesto

Our Manifesto


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Vexquisit Studio

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Roxy VĂ©lez

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Creative & Art Direction Strategy
Visual Concept Development
Motion Design
Animation Production
Sound Design
2022 · Motion Awards by Motionographer. Nominee
2022 · Vega Award. Canopus Winner



The storytelling aimed to have en extremely excited and a friendly tone. And translate our excitement about the vegan industry, which only grows and grows… So they know, that we know as a fact, the future is vegan.


At Vexquisit, we strive to help create a world where love for all animals, respect for our planet and sustainable eating habits are the norm.

Art Direction Look & Feel

  • Colorful, happy and friendly with an engaging style.

  • Typography supports the narrative when necessary, and reinforces key values.

Below is the stylescape, that helped us also illustrate the creative spirit for our brand.



  • Communicate our core values
  • Speak up about who we are and who we stand with.


  • Show a sneak peak of the high-end and engaging animation our team is capable of doing.
  • Strengthened our studio's branding


This stage is always the most fun, since it is the core of the "onion". It is also a stage where we got all the freedom, as we are not polishing the look at all. Here we are just focused on having fun ideas and dumping them all on paper and along with the script, to see what sticks. All ideas for this project, had to be representing a journey.



Here the ideas get unified with our brand style, we make sure to portray diversity, avoid gender stereotypes and represent the furry friends with pictures from the ones we find at animal sanctuaries! For example the turkey is based in Corno, Esther the Wonderpig's best friend :)



With the animation we reinforce the friendliness and add charm on they key elements from each scene. Keeping an engaging journey flow to keep the audience's attention.

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Music & Sound Effects

The music is composed so it is the base driver for the animation. It does not act as a main element. The sound effects reinforce atmospheric sounds and the movement, it makes sure our characters like people and our furry friends don't go unnoticed. And here and there add some subtle magical sounds magical,

The Voice over artist was guided to keep a very happy, welcoming, warm and fun personality!

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