Cow's Milk

LIVEKINDLY’s Animated Series

Ever wondered what’s actually in a glass of cow’s milk

or what is the truth about the dairy industry?

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Roxy Vélez

· Scope of Work ·

Creative & Art Direction Strategy
Visual Concept Development
Illustrations & Design
Animation Production



Prior to starting the production of these series, we developed a strategy with the creative and art direction that would be the unifying driver for each episode. Have a look at the LIVEKINDLY's Animated Series Case Study - if you want to learn more about this initial step.


From the delivery of the script, we kick off writing ideas for each scene. Thinking out of the box, with the goal to stay objective and non-graphical.


  • Expose the Dairy industry impact on the environment. And the daily practices on cows and calves.
  • Unveil the direct link between dairy and meat.


  • Educate and inspire people to lower their GSG gas contribution on the planet.
  • Motivate people to take part in the growing dairy-free demand.


We start to sketch out and test ideas to visualize the script. Brainstorming solutions of visual compositions, that need to transmit the difficult realities of the impact from this industry on the planet and the animals.


Using the Creative and Art Direction, Look & Feel as a clear road map, we began giving color and style to the approved storyboard. While this episode was one of the first ones of the series, it defined the style and level of detail for the illustrations for future episodes.

Fun technical fact: The artwork is created by combining pixels and vectors on an iPad using only Affinity Designer.


In each scene composition, we make sure the typography and the illustrations are leading the eye and maintaining a reading flow for the next scene.


In order to portray the seriousness of the script, we made sure the mood for the movements of the characters, camera, and elements would not be too playful.

Music & Sound Effects

Initially, we picked very sad songs for this video. But after remembering the goals we went with a more neutral melody.

We adjusted it to the length of the animation and mixed it to lose some original monotonal tone.

Finally, with the sound effects, we made sure it did not sound too cartoony or playful.

Social Media Results

The Takeaway

It’s clear from the amazing response to the video from LIVEKINDLY's Audience, that we’ve created something memorable and meaningful. We’re excited about our role in creating this visual journey of awareness about the dairy industry, and that it concludes in an invitation to people to join the Dairy-Free revolution by supporting and consuming the wide range of dairy-free alternatives.

Jodi MonelleFounder & CEO, LIVEKINDLY
The videos from Roxy and the Vexquisit team are always clear and concise delivering a powerful message that reaches everyone. The team has excellent communication skills, follow-through and are a true pleasure to work with.

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