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Vexquisit Studio was founded in 2018, with a desire to contribute to the change that our heart-chosen niche industry seeks. We are driven by our common goal of supporting a movement that wants to end any and all unnecessary suffering; as we all dream of a kinder and healthier world.

Being part of this movement is such an exciting experience — we see change happening all around us! New, delicious vegan brands are constantly popping up around the globe and delighting people on a daily basis, cruelty free fashion is becoming mainstream, etc. We want to take part in supporting this movement’s growth. Whenever we can help, we will make sure that all vegan services and products are viewed as the amazing entities that they are. If you believe we can help you, don’t be shy! Drop us a line or give us a call!

The Way We Work

We are storytellers, we initiate each new project with a discovery session, where we seek to understand the backstory of the product, brand, service or campaign. Learning this allows us to ideate a personalized recipe for the desired goals.

As a result of technology connecting the world and shortening distances, we are able to create an unlimited combination of personalized teams, tailored to each client and their needs. With that said, Vexquisit Studio has organically embraced the modern workspace model and is bringing together talented artists and video production companies, locally and remotely, from all over the world.

The Founders

Vexquisit Studio was founded by Berlin based Art Director / Motion Designer Roxy Vélez and Software Architect David Heidrich. Roxy is originally from Cuenca, Ecuador and joined the Motion Design Industry in 2009. She graduated with a B.A. degree in Graphic Design in 2010. Later on, Roxy moved to Savannah, GA, to study a Master of Arts in Motion Media Design, graduating with honors from the Savannah College of Art and Design in 2013. She continued to grow in experience in New York City, Düsseldorf and Berlin, working with video production companies, agencies and direct clients. Roxy has worked with high-profile brands such as: ProVeg International, Trivago, Wacom, Hoegaarden, Ferchau, among others. You can find her personal portfolio work here.

David moved from Düsseldorf to Berlin in 2015, working remotely as a Software Architect for companies around Europe. With Vexquisit Studio he pursues a new branch of online services in the vegan market.

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