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Vexquisit is a Motion Design studio, specialzing in content creation for vegan brands from all over the world.

Est. 2018 | Headquarters: Berlin, Germany | Clients across the globe | Vegan cheesecakes consumed since launch: 95 (and counting)

· Our origin story ·

“Why”…it’s a potent question we often use to seek deeper meaning.
Why are we here? Why can’t I use my skills as a force for good? Why are there no ethical motion design studios?

These are the questions Roxy, Vexquisit’s CEO, asked herself after turning vegan in 2015. And motivated her to start Vexquisit with her partner in crime/Co-Founder David Heidrich!

Opportunities gradually started to appear and fellow female business owners, including Dr. Melanie Joy from Beyond Carnism and Jodi Monelle from LIVEKINDLY, pledged their trust in Roxy, David and their team. Fast forward to 2018 and Vexquisit became formally registered as a successful business.

· Our Mission ·

At Vexquisit, we create video and motion design that inspires and promotes positive change. This change is necessary to create a world where love for all animals, respect for our planet, and sustainable eating habits are the norm.

It’s an exciting time to be in business - but we know that marketing vegan products to the masses can be tricky. What language works best? What content is the most effective for your target audience?

This is why vegan brands deserve world-class design and marketing by professionals who are equally passionate about your mission.

Will SchaferVice President of Marketing
Roxy and the team at Vexquisit took the time to really understand our project objectives, and they delivered strongly against our creative brief. They were also a pleasure to work with.

· Why work with us ·

Measurable return of investment

We believe that your brand deserves the love it needs to flourish, and we are committed to making that happen. Our clients continue to see measurable value and profit added to their brands, ensuring a strong return on investment.

100% bespoke Projects

We understand that your business is unique, and your marketing solutions should be too. That's why we start each new project with a discovery session to learn the heart and story of your product, brand, service, or campaign. From there, we craft a personalized game plan that is 100% bespoke and tailored to suit your goals.

Location flexibility

No matter where you are in the world, no matter your project size, we exist to help forward-thinking, compassionate minds like yours plant seeds that encourage society to embrace kinder habits.

· Meet our leadership crew ·

BA, Graphic Design | MA (Honors), Motion Media Design

Roxy brings an extensive background in Motion Design to Vexquisit, after working in many corners of the globe including Cuenca-Ecuador, Savannah-GA, New York City, Charlotte -NC, Düsseldorf.

Roxy has worked in collaboration with numerous agencies and businesses on high-profile projects for brands such as Pro-Veg International, trivago, Wacom, Hoegaarden, Ferchau, Cadillac, and Volkswagen.

When she’s not pushing the boundaries of video design for Vexquisit clients, Roxy is an active member of RevThink & The Futur Pro Group, which allows her to rub digital elbows with fellow creative entrepreneurs from across the world.

Summer is her thing - winter is not. Hermit Mode activates on December 1, sharp.

Discover Roxy’s consultation services.

David HeidrichCTO / Software Architect
BSc Software Engineer

A self-confessed systems and automation geek, David Heidrich develops in-house workflow tools at Vexquisit and creates digital products to support the vegan market.

Prior to starting Vexquisit Studio in Berlin, David co-founded hellofellow KG, an online community for expats, emigrants and travelers.

For over 12 years he has been bootstrapping a variety of startups around Europe, as well as consulting for businesses and teams of all sizes.

Outside of Vexquisit, you’ll find David buzzing around Berlin on his e-bike, probably en route to pick up Vexquisit’s next office cheesecake. David also takes the role as Lead Vacation Researcher, and is planning the pair’s next getaway - to a cat-friendly location, of course.

· Our growing team of experts making a global impact ·

From day one, we've embraced remote work to assemble specialized teams of professionals from around the world who are supporters of our mission. Each project has a tailored team of experts selected for their unique skills and experience. With Vexquisit, you're working with a hand-picked team of global experts who are dedicated to bringing your creative vision to life.

As we continue to grow, we'd like to introduce you to some of the talented individuals who frequently contribute to our projects:

Juliana Castro

Illustrator. USA

Ronaldo Serrano

Motion Designer. Brazil

Christina Walther

Motion Designer. Germany

Beethowen Souza

Motion Designer. Brazil

Marcela Torres

Editor. Ecuador

Michael Fakesch

Sound Designer. Germany

We pay tribute to our beloved team member, Ronaldo, who passed on April 1st, 2023. His impact on Vexquisit is immense, he joined Roxy from day one. His joyful personality, dedication, resilience, and passion are woven into Vexquisit's DNA. So of course we will be keeping his memory alive and his name on our team section. Today, we imagine Ronaldo dancing, playing video games, and riding his bike through the clouds – a testament to his zest for life.

· Our biggest achievements ·

While our biggest achievements are our clients’ wins, we’re also pretty proud of the awards we’ve won along the way. So proud that we just had to show off some of our latest achievements:

The Motion Awards by MotionographerVexquisit – Manifesto - Vega Awards - Canapus WinnerVega Centauri 2022IVFF 2021Muse 2021Vega 2021IVFF 2019

· Giving back to the Community ·

We try our best to give back to the planet and all its inhabitants. Since 2019 we are the proud parents of VEGCRAVER - the world’s first 100% plant-based catering web app.

Launched in March 2021. VEGCRAVER provides small businesses with a platform to sell their food and services.


We also donate to worthy causes. Since 2016 we have sponsored Totoro, a handsome pig (who never calls 🥲 to check in), from Erdlingshof Sanctuary. We have also supported animal organizations, such as: ProVeg International, Animal Equality, Mercy for Animals, Esther the Wonder pig, We Animals, among others.

Are you a non-profit NGO?

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