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Vexquisit Studio was founded in 2018, with a desire to contribute to positive change in the world not only for humans but for animals and the planet as well. We are driven by our common goal of supporting the vegan movement that wants to end any and all unnecessary suffering.
Along with you, we dream of a kinder and healthier world!

We celebrate to see the Vegan / Plant-Based, Eco-Conscious industries winning their costumer’s hearts. While new ones are constantly popping up around the globe and joining this movement to delighting people on a daily basis, as they walk towards a healthier lifestyle. The Cruelty-free label fashion becoming mainstream, in fashion, beauty products, etc. We are happy to be here, accelerating with our costumers this movement’s growth. Whenever we can help, we will make sure that your vegan services and products are capturing as many humans hearts as they should. Let us know if you have any question. Don’t be shy! Drop us a line or give us a call!

The Way We Work

We are storytellers, we initiate each new project with a discovery session, where we seek to learn the heart and story of your product, brand, service or campaign. This way, we ideate a personalized recipe for your desired goals.

We are based in Berlin – Germany. However, as a result of technology connecting the world and shortening distances, we are not shy with time-zones and therefore we have embraced the remote-lifestyle. Which allow us to create an unlimited combination of specialized teams, who are allies and supporters to our core values.

Our Leadership Team

Roxy VĂ©lez

CEO / Creative and Art Director

Roxy Vélez is an honors-winning, Creative and Art Director, Founder and CEO of Vexquisit Studio UG., where she oversees the creative and strategic direction of the company. While leading teams of artists as a Creative Director, from proposal to project delivery, she’s involved in every step to ensure creative vision and execution is aligned with her clients’ goals and their customers’ needs.

Ms. VĂ©lez currently is contributing to a variety of global communities, such as the Berlin chapter of Vegan Ladyboss, where she organizes monthly meetings to support and empower vegan women of all identities and backgrounds.

She received her BA from Universidad del Azuay in Graphic Design. Three years later, she received her MA (with Honors) from the Savannah College of Art and Design in Motion Media Design, where she has been invited back as a highlighted alumni to give talks to the students.

Prior to starting Vexquisit Studio in Berlin, Ms. VĂ©lez worked around some corners of the world: Savannah, GA, North Carolina, NYC, DĂĽsseldorf, and Berlin. She has worked with video production companies, agencies, and direct businesses, being part of projects for high-profile brands such as Pro-Veg International, trivago, Wacom, Hoegaarden, Ferchau, Cadillac, VW, among others.

David Heidrich

CTO / Software Architect

David Heidrich is a Software Architect, Founder and CTO of Vexquisit Studio UG., he is fascinated by finding solutions to complex problems through automatization. At Vexquisit, he is developing in-house tools for improving workflow efficiency, and strategizing possible digital products that will support the vegan community and market.

Mr. Heidrich is the founder of Vegans in Tech, based in Berlin, where he enjoys bouncing ideas, supporting the community, and setting up the space for creatives and techies to get connected and empowered.

He received his BSc in Informatics with a focus on Media from the University of Applied Sciences DĂĽsseldorf. He also enjoyed playing the keyboard and singing at Mighty Mammut Movement (MMM) a Hip-Hop / Dancehall / Reggae Band.

Prior to starting Vexquisit Studio in Berlin, Mr. Heidrich co-founded hellofellow KG, an online community for expats, emigrants and travellers. For over 10 years he has been bootstrapping a variety of startups around Europe, working for consolidated businesses and consulting for teams of all sizes. In the past four years, he has focused on software architecture and creating tools for the online travel industry. He has gained priceless insights and putting them to use for his tool, currently in development, that will make vegan traveling easier.

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