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Est. 2018 | Headquarters: Berlin, Germany | Clients in 4 countries | Video reach views: 1.4M + | Vegan cheesecakes consumed this year: 42 (and counting)

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At Vexquisit, we strive to create a world where love for all animals, respect for our planet and sustainable eating habits are the norm.

The world is waking up. Mainstream industries are making space for vegan products and welcoming the global shift towards plant-based living.

It’s an exciting time to be in business - but we know that marketing vegan products to the masses can be tricky. What language works best? What content is the most effective for your target audience?

This is why vegan brands deserve world-class design and marketing by professionals who are equally passionate about your mission.

Will SchaferVice President of Marketing
Roxy and the team at Vexquisit took the time to really understand our project objectives, and they delivered strongly against our creative brief. They were also a pleasure to work with.

Why work with us

No matter where you are in the world, no matter your project size, we exist to help forward-thinking, compassionate minds like yours plant seeds that encourage society to embrace kinder habits.

At Vexquisit, we combine the power of collaboration, partnerships and exploring new technologies to supercharge your online and offline presence, so you can inform, enlighten and inspire your audience.

We begin each new project with a discovery session to learn the heart and story of your product, brand, service or campaign. This way, we can craft a personalised game plan to suit your goals.

We are based in Berlin, Germany and embrace the remote lifestyle. This allows us to bring together specialised teams of professionals from across the world, who are allies and supporters of our core values. Working with Vexquisit means working with hand-picked, global experts.

Our goal is for you to thrive beyond your imagination. Mother Earth needs businesses like yours. So let’s push your brand further than you ever thought possible.


Roxy Vélez

BA, Graphic Design | MA (Honors), Motion Media Design

Roxy brings an extensive background in video production to Vexquisit, after working in many corners of the globe including Cuenca-Ecuador, Savannah-GA, New York City, Charlotte -NC, Dusseldorf.

Roxy has worked in collaboration with numerous agencies and businesses on high-profile projects for brands such as Pro-Veg International, trivago, Wacom, Hoegaarden, Ferchau, Cadillac, and Volkswagen.

When she’s not pushing the boundaries of video design for Vexquisit clients, Roxy is an active member of The Futur Pro Group, which allows her to rub digital elbows with fellow creative entrepreneurs from across the world.

Summer is her thing - winter is not. Hermit Mode activates on December 1, sharp.

David Heidrich

CTO / Software Architect
BSc (Informatics/Media)

A self-confessed systems and automation geek, David Heidrich develops in-house workflow tools at Vexquisit and creates digital products to support the vegan market.

Prior to starting Vexquisit Studio in Berlin, David co-founded hellofellow KG, an online community for expats, emigrants and travelers.

For over 12 years he has been bootstrapping a variety of startups around Europe, as well as consulting for businesses and teams of all sizes.

Outside of Vexquisit, you’ll find David buzzing around Berlin on his e-bike, probably en route to pick up Vexquisit’s next office cheesecake. David also takes the role as Lead Vacation Researcher, and is planning the pair’s next getaway - to a cat-friendly location, of course.

Ronaldo Serrano

Senior Motion Desiner
BA, Graphic Design

Based in Porto Alegre, Brazil, Ronaldo has been with Vexquisit since the team’s first project in 2018, and has quickly become Roxy and David’s “right hand man”.

Ronaldo joined Vexquisit with an extensive background in design. Web, graphic, print, animation - you name it, Ronaldo has done it. While working for a number of agencies during his career, Ronaldo also dabbled (quite successfully) in game development before realising animation was his true passion.

A professional animation experimenter by day, Ronaldo is a quick-footed Zouk dancer and Nintendo-buff by night!

Natália Brondani

Senior Illustrator / Character Designer

Natalia has quickly become Vexquisit’s go-to illustrator thanks to her charming, innovative and quirky ideas.

Working remotely from Vicenza, Italy as an art director, 2D illustrator and animator, Natalia has worked with Vexquisit since 2018 and has collaborated with studios across the globe, from Canada to Australia.

Outside of work, Natalia is a hiking enthusiast and is currently writing (and illustrating, of course) her first book which she hopes will educate people of all ages about veganism and inspire them to make kinder choices.

Have you heard?

We are the proud parents of VEGCRAVER - the world’s first 100% plant-based catering web app helping you find and book the best vegan caterers near you!

Launching Summer 2020.

Get the lowdown here!

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