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Our areas of expertise

Vegan branding and creative marketing solutions

  • Starting your own vegan brand?
  • Do you require a branding strategy workshop?
  • Need some guidance or feedback on creating impactful work for your vegan brand?
  • Starting a creative in-house team?
  • Discuss your creative strategy?

We know that marketing vegan products to the masses can be tricky, just as figuring out what content is the most effective for the target audience. With our experience in the creative industry, we can amplify the impact of your vegan brand. Wherever your imagination goes, we can meet it there, nothing is off-limits.

Release strategy

  • Are we creating an awesome video for you but not sure how to maximize press coverage for your campaign?
  • Need some advice on how to reach a wider audience?
  • Need a little extra help ensuring your campaign messages are consistent?

We can help you to determine the best angles of your video and/or campaign to encourage both media coverage and audience engagement. We will guide your team on how to develop a press release, research and reach out to the media to ensure it reaches its full potential.

Looking for specific animation and video production services?

If you’re hoping to inquire about video or animation services, you won’t find them on this page! Instead, check out our studio capabilities.

Our creative consulting services will:

Guide you

We bring an independent perspective to your campaign. As industry experts external to your organization, we will always remain unbiased.

We have decades of combined experience in the creative industry, enabling us to bring the expertise required to support you.

Build a strategy

Together, we will identify and define your creative solutions to meet your business objectives.

We will also discover and augment your brand’s storytelling to strengthen success and formulate efficient, evergreen solutions to enable you to achieve your objectives sustainably.

Guide your team

Even the most enthusiastic creatives need direction.

We analyze your team to build on their strengths and mitigate any weaknesses. With the goal of boosting team quality and efficiency.

Connect you with your audience

As experts in the vegan production industry, we understand your market inside out. We know the market is non-vegan.

Better awareness of your target audience will help you understand their needs. Maximize the impact of your work and increase your return on investment. We will examine how your audience interacts with your brand and strategize to sustain a beneficial connection.

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Vexquisit exists to help forward-thinking, compassionate minds like yours plant to encourage society to embrace kinder habits. Our consultancy services, and everything else we do, are designed to have an impact.

Client reviews

David G. Zacharias, MDClinical Instructor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences
at University of Washington
I am very grateful to Roxy and her team for the incredible job they did with helping rebrand my business along with logo/website development, animation, and marketing materials. In less than a year, I have seen immense value and profit added to my business.

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Roxy, our CEO & Creative Director, is here to help you channel your creativity for impact!

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