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Plant-based / Vegan Products & Services
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Strategy for Creative Challenges
Commercials, Infographics & Explainer Videos.
For Social Media, Web, and any other Digital Platform.
Content for Digital Signage and Arena Displays
VR & Video Installations

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Creative Direction & Visual Concept
Illustration & Character Design
Character Animation
2D & 3D Animation

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Vexquisit Studio was founded by Berlin based Art Director / Motion Designer, Roxy Vélez and Software Architect David Heidrich. Roxy is originally from Cuenca, Ecuador. She started her career in motion graphics after she graduated in Graphic Design in 2011. Later on she moved to Savannah, GA for studying a Master of Arts in Motion Media Design, where she graduated with honors from the Savannah College of Art and Design in 2013. She continued to grow in experience in New York City, later in 2014 in Düsseldorf and since 2015 in Berlin, working with video production companies, agencies and direct clients. Roxy has done work for brands like: ProVeg International, trivago, Wacom, Hoegaarden, Ferchau, among others. You can find her personal portfolio work here.

David moved from Düsseldorf to Berlin in 2015, working remotely as a Software Architect for companies around Europe. With Vexquisit Studio he pursues a new branch of online services in the vegan market.

Today we can create unlimited combination of teams to collaborate like never before, as a result of technology and high speed internet. As a result Vexquisit Studio has organically embraced the modern workspace model and is teaming up with talented artists locally and remotely and video production companies from everywhere around the world.

· Testimonials ·

Dr. Melanie Joy, Ph.D., Ed.M.President, Beyond Carnism and co-founder, CEVA and Pro-Veg International
My team worked closely with Roxy on a complicated animated video project over a period of many months, so we got to know her professional style and became very familiar with her work. She is amazing. Roxy is incredibly professional, kind, and supportive -- and she really knows how to do a great job! We were all very impressed with her and are so grateful for having been able to work with her.

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