Vexquisit Demo Reel 2019

Specialized in Motion Design &
Content Creation for Vegan Brands.

At Vexquisit, we strive to create a world where love for all animals, respect for our planet and sustainable eating habits are the norm.

Ready to supercharge your online and offline presence so you can inform, enlighten, and inspire your audience to make kinder choices?

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Will SchaferVice President of Marketing
Roxy and the team at Vexquisit took the time to really understand our project objectives, and they delivered strongly against our creative brief. They were also a pleasure to work with.
Dr. Melanie Joy, Ph.D., Ed.M.Founder Beyond Carnism.
Co-Founder Pro-Veg International
My team worked closely with Roxy over a period of many months, so we got to know her professional style and became very familiar with her work. She is amazing. Roxy is incredibly professional, kind, and supportive -- and she really knows how to do a great job! We were all very impressed with her and are so grateful for having been able to work with her.
Jodi MonelleFounder & CEO, LIVEKINDLY Media Inc
LIVEKINDLY highly recommends Vexquisit Studio for your storytelling needs. The videos from Roxy and the Vexquisit team are always clear and concise delivering a powerful message that reaches everyone. The team has excellent communication skills and follow-through and are a true pleasure to work with. I highly recommend Vexquisit Studio!

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