· How We Can Help ·

Through video production and carefully strategized motion design, we build a clear, effective concept that helps you create buzz for your brand - so you don’t get lost in the noise.

We connect you to your audience

  • Announce an event or campaign.
  • Garner support and conversion on social media.
  • Pitch a potential buyer to win funding.
  • Elevate the success of your product launch.
  • Boost your trade show booth and produce enthusiasm to encourage purchases.
  • Increase conversions on your website with an evergreen brand video.

Brand videos will captivate the attention of your audience and leave them with a lasting impression.

Together, we will entertain, educate and engage.

Here is where your brand’s message can live:

Infographics & Explainer Stories

Educate, inspire and expand minds by telling your brand’s story and message through engaging infographics. These are perfect to share across your online platforms and include in ad campaigns. For that extra somethin’ somethin’, we can create GIFs and stickers to boost your brand presence on your social media channels.

Film Titles & Broadcast Design

Enhance the mood, tone and atmosphere of your film or video by injecting your brand personality through bespoke titles and logo animations. Applied as network graphics packages for TV or YouTube channels.

Digital Signage

Entertain and grab audience attention at events, fairs, exhibitions, stadiums, buildings, transport system - wherever you share your brand message! Perfect for display on LCD, LED, and projection.

Virtual Reality

360° experiences to build a deep connection with your audience and offer an immersive brand experience that can’t be ignored. Close the gap between the virtual world and reality - nothing is off limits with VR! A Generation Z favorite.

· How We Tell Your Brand’s Story ·

Storytelling through digital content is everywhere - from static design to video & motion graphics. Your marketing needs will define what approach we take to put you in front of your target audience.

Did you know?

People retain over 50% more information from animation than static design. Over 93% recall of information with audiovisual, versus 7% recall with just plain text.

Our Strategy
Seeking clarity & planning your story

Through an initial online or in-Person meeting we seek to

  • Understand your company’s brand and goals: What type of story do you need to communicate? What are the main KPIs?
  • Diagnose the problem: What challenges can we solve? Who is the target audience? What is your buyer’s journey? How do we best increase your market awareness?
  • Define a design experience roadmap: We narrow the possibilities of what the project could look like. What should a successful design communicate? How should it feel? This step allows us to gain clarity to create a blueprint for the story execution.

Design thinking allows us to have enough clarity to create a blueprint for the story execution.

· What your Vexquisit Journey might look like ·

Script development
Structuring your message

We convert wordy or complex information into an effective and memorable storyline for your customers.

Building your visual script

Based on the strategy and script, we sketch out the ideas and overall visual sequence of your story. We’ll identify the key visual elements that will connect with your target audience.

Illustration & Motion Design
Creating a captivating look for your story

We take the notes on vision and tone made during the strategy stage to create your story’s ‘visual world’. Aspects such as composition, style, color, and contrast are developed during this stage. Why is this step important?

Consistent and mindful design choices enhance your narrative and help you stand out from the crowd.

Animation & Compositing
It all comes to life!

Here’s where the blueprint is put into action! Movement, flow, continuity, pace and transitions are finalized during this stage based on the mood, emotion and message you want to convey.

It may be 2D, 3D, traditional frame-by-frame animation, stop motion - there are unlimited animation languages to tell your story!

Character Animation
Adding extra spark!

Animated characters, whether they are people or animals, have the power to bring extra life into the story! They can help portray diversity, avoid gender stereotypes and represent the furry friends we find at animal sanctuaries!

Sound Design
Emphasizing the emotions of your story

Sound is the soul of your story. It can be composed of three elements: soundtrack, dialog and sound effects. Your soundtrack reflects the heart of your story, and is considered at the same time as scripting and design.

From voiceovers to sound effects, we make sure all audio reflects your brand’s personality and matches the mood and pace of your project.

Spreading the love!
*by request

Veganism is exploding across the social media scene, and your kind and conscious brand needs to be part of the action. We’ll help expand your brand awareness and grow your audience - they are probably already looking for you!

Through the end content we produce for you, we can create or implement your Giphy Channel with GIFs and stickers for social media use. We see this extra step as a way of repurposing a video for more ever-green interaction with your audience on social media. Where would they go? Just think, how many social media stories they watch and create every day, while sharing them with their various number of followers. This end step has the core goal and potential of boosting your brand’s online presence and campaign message.

Do you have something we haven’t listed here in mind? Let us know, we might be able to still help you in some way!

We love thinking outside the box!

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