Looking to boost your brand's online and offline presence?

At Vexquisit, we build a clear, effective concept that helps you create buzz for your brand - so you don鈥檛 get lost in the noise. Through video production and carefully strategized motion design, we can make your brand stand out!

Captivating your audience

  • Create buzz for your product launch or event.
  • Create social media videos that inspire action and drive conversions.
  • Pitch your brand with confidence and win over investors.
  • Elevate the success of your product launch.
  • Stand out at trade shows with dynamic video content.
  • Boost website conversions with captivating brand videos.

Our brand videos will captivate your audience and leave them with a lasting impression.

Telling your story together

Here is where your brand鈥檚 story and message can live:

Infographics & Explainer Stories

Simplify complex ideas and engage your audience with beautiful infographics and compelling explainer stories. Educate your audience, share your brand's message, and make a lasting impact.

Film Titles & Broadcast Design

Whether you're creating content for TV or any social media channel, we can provide you with network graphics packages that will enhance the mood, tone, and atmosphere of your videos. And most importantly, make your brand stand out.

Digital Signage

Elevate your brand's presence at events, fairs, exhibitions, stadiums, buildings, and transportation systems with our dynamic digital signage solutions. We will create content that ensures a clear and captivating message despite busy crows, for all viewers.

Virtual Reality

Let us help you bridge the gap between the virtual and real world and create a connection with your audience that they won't forget. Perfect for engaging with the new generations.


Storytelling is a crucial element of successful marketing. Whether it's through animation, video, or static design, we'll find the best medium to help you connect with your target market.

Animation content help people retain over 50% more information compared to static designs and plain text.

So, here is how we craft engaging videos, motion graphics, and other dynamic content to help your brand's message stick with your audience.


Our Strategy
Seeking clarity & planning your story

At Vexquisit, we begin every project with an initial online or in-person meeting where we seek to understand your company's brand, project's goals, and KPIs.

  • We diagnose the problem, identify the best approach for increasing your market awareness.
  • We define a roadmap for your brand story that narrows down the possibilities for and define your project's Art Direction.
Script development
Structuring Your Message

Our expert script development process helps transform complex information into an effective and memorable storyline for your customers

Building Your Visual Script

Once we have the Creative Strategy, the Art Direction and Script in place, we begin sketching out the overall visual concepts for the sequence of your story. Our team builds a strong visual script to bring your brand narrative to life.

Illustration & Motion Design
Creating a Captivating Look for Your Story

Based on the previous steps, and the Art Direction, we create your story's visual world. We carefully develop each scene's composition, style, color, to enhance your narrative and make you stand out from the crowd.

Animation & Compositing
It All comes to Life!

Here鈥檚 where the blueprint is put into action! Movement, flow, continuity, pace and transitions are finalized during this stage based on the mood, emotion and message you want to convey.

It may be 2D, 3D, traditional frame-by-frame animation, stop motion - there are unlimited animation languages to tell your story!

Character Animation
Adding extra spark!

Animated characters, whether they are people or animals, have the power to bring extra life into the story! They can help portray diversity, avoid gender stereotypes and represent the furry friends we find at animal sanctuaries!

Sound Design
Emphasizing The Emotions Of Your Story

Sound is the soul of your story. At Vexquisit, we carefully select and craft audio elements to reflect your brand's desired emotional impact, and create an immersive experience for your audience. The sound is the cherry on top - it takes your visual story to the next level for an unforgettable experience.

Spreading The Love!
*by request

Vexquisit can help expand your brand awareness and grow your audience by creating or implementing GIFs and stickers for social media use. Repurpose your video and boost your brand鈥檚 online presence with this extra step. Think of all the social media stories your audience watches and creates every day - this is your opportunity to reach them in a new and fun way!

Do you have something we haven鈥檛 listed here in mind? Let us know, we might be able to still help you in some way!

We love thinking outside the box!

Let's put your ideas in motion!

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