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We help your marketing, brand/message have a higher conversion rate.

Since the world is not static, our eyes are naturally attracted to movement. Storytelling with Motion invites people in a more effective way than the conventional, static communication.

With a diversity of design-driven solutions, we create captivating content that will connect people to your brands & messages. Here is how we bring your ideas to life:

Infographics & Explainer Videos

Educate & inspire your audience with your brand's stories and messages. These videos can be used on Social Media, Web, and any other Digital Platform.

Film Titles & Broadcast Design

Enhance, set the tone, atmosphere and mood of a film or brand for your audience. Mostly applied at network graphics packages for tv or YouTube channels, theatrical logo animations, main and end titles for film and television.

Digital Signage Content

Entertain and inform your audiences at events, fairs, exhibitions, stadiums, buildings, transportation systems, etc. They are usually displayed on technologies such as LCD, LED, and Projection.

Virtual Reality

Creating 360° experiences, for sharing unlimited ideas, stories, and messages. Here is where the virtual world and reality gets closer!

· How We Tell Your Brands Story ·

Motion design helps your audience retain over 50% more information than just static design. Over 93% recall of information with audiovisual, versus 10% recall with just plain text. Here is our recipe for effective persuasion:

the thinking part

Through an initial online or offline meeting we seek to

  • Understand your Company's Goals: What does the project need to achieve?
  • Diagnose The Problem: What are the challenges we seek to solve? Who is the target audience? At what stage of the buyer's journey your audience is? How do we best increase your market awareness?
  • Define a Road Map for The Design Exploration: We narrow the possibilities of what the project could look like. What does a successful design content should contain? How should it feel?

Design thinking allows us to have enough clarity to create a blueprint for the execution.

Script development
the writing part

We convert wordy, complex information into an effective storyline that delivers your message with the desired tone.

the sketching part

Having the Script as our guide. We sketch out the ideas for each scene, mapping out the visual sequence on your story.

Illustration & Design
making it look good

Through some steps, we define how the content will look like. In simple words: we make it visually captivating!

2D / 3D Animation & Compositing
making it feel good

We match the script with the visuals. Either through fast/low peased, rough/smooth movement, whatever aligns with the mood or concept we defined on the initial strategy blueprint. We make engaging animation. It may be 2D, 3D, traditional frame-by-frame animation, stop motion. There are unlimited ways to tell your story!

Character Animation
bringing in extra life!

If the project requires, we bring in some 2D or 3D people or animals to the picture to act! They can bring some extra life into the video! When we have characters, we pursue that we illustrate with diversity and without gender stereotypes. And when we have illustrated animals, they always are created inspired in existing loved and happy animals from animal sanctuaries. 💚

At the final stage of the project we add the music and the sound effects. Explainer videos, when they are not typography-driven, require voice over (which should be cast and picked before the animation starts).

Public Relations by request
spread the word!

We are happy to provide you further assistance in boosting the visibility of the delivered content on social media platforms or press.

Do you have something we haven’t listed here in mind? Let us know, we might be able to still help you in some way!

Either by re-directing you to the right contact on our network. Or if your need is something we are confident we can still assist you best, then we will be happy to push our creative boundaries. We love thinking outside the box!

Let´s create something together!

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