Animated Series – Case Study

CEVA Training Series

Center for Effective Vegan Advocacy

The series - created by vegan influencers Dr. Melanie Joy and Tobias Leenaert – present one key concept per episode about how to advocate veganism effectively.

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Beyond Carnism

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Roxy Vélez

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Creative & Art Direction Strategy
Visual Concept Development
Video Production
Video Editing
Illustrations & Design
Animation & Compositing

Client Profile

Beyond Carnism is an international organization dedicated to exposing and transforming carnism, the invisible belief system that conditions people to eat certain animals. CEVA's - The Center for Effective Vegan Advocacy aims to increase the impact of vegan advocacy worldwide, through live trainings and presentations, organizational consulting, grants, and a strategy resource database.

Our Role

Translate each one of the scripts episodes visually so the audience can gain and learn through them as much as possible. For effectiveness, we created a personalized style, designed to be perceived as friendly and clear.

Roxy VélezCreative Director & CEO, Vexquisit Studio
Melanie Joy's book was the final drop that helped me go vegan back in 2015. Tobias Leenaert's book was eye-opening as well, from where I through my activism journey. So, having the responsibility to Creative Direct this series was such a happy experience!

Creative Strategy

The initial research started by aligning with the Beyond Carnism team, uncovering the visual style that would resonate more with the messaging. We arrived at the conclusion that it was important to have a balanced level of illustrations & graphics, and the animated typography would be highlighting the important parts of the messages.

Concepting and creating visual rules

  • Typography will be predetermined by the Styleguide provided by the client. Staying open to the possibility of a handwritten font for illustration elements.
  • The illustrations will support the script by aiming for a friendly look while abstaining from a cartoonish look.


  • Deliver each short concept in a clear manner.
  • Take advantage of the graphic cues to engage visually with the audience, creating understandable bite size episodes.
  • Increase the effectiveness of vegan advocates.


  • Increase the effectiveness of the vegan movement as a whole.
  • Strength client’s positioning of vegan advocacy training.
  • Promote the content from the offline course.

Art Direction Look & Feel

  • Character Design, people need to have a regular body shape that needs to be in a realistic proportion, variety of age and ethnicity (no stereotypes).
  • Character Design, animals need to display different species. They should all look emotionally appealing.
  • The Subtle graphic textures are allowed to be used, as long as they keep the illustrations with a clean look. No gradients will be used.
With this color palette, we express the series tone, emotion, and identity.

Storyboard Design & Illustration

Having each script as a base, we make sure to set up a storyboard that will help maintain tension and retention in the audience. Balancing the live-action footage along with the animations. Each storyboard illustrations were produced, following the Creative and Art Direction, Look & Feel.



The animation was composited on the live-action edit, its goal was to enhance the message and light up the mood. Keeping an engaging flow to keep the audience's interest.


The Takeaway

And as an extra reward, after having produced this project, we had these messages even more engraved in us, which helped immensely in our way to be more patient and effective at vegan activism.

Dr. Melanie Joy, Ph.D., Ed.M.Founder & President Beyond Carnism
My team worked closely with Roxy over a period of many months, so we got to know her professional style and became very familiar with her work. She is amazing. Roxy is incredibly professional, kind, and supportive -- and she really knows how to do a great job! We were all very impressed with her and are so grateful for having been able to work with her.
Tobias LeenaertCo-Founder & Director, CEVA
Roxy and her team were a joy to work with. What was so valuable to us was that she was not just blindly executing whatever we asked of her, but was always thinking along in order to create the best possible product with maximum impact.
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