Beyond Sausage® European Debut

Surprise & Delight Campaign

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As the Beyond Sausage® arrives at the public market in Europe.

What happens when unsuspecting German soccer fans try the sizzling Beyond Meat's Sausage? – Their reactions were priceless, see for yourself!

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Beyond Meat

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Roxy Vélez

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Live-Action Production
Audio & Video Editing
Art Direction


Beyond Meat™'s is the world's first plant-based protein that looks, cooks, and satisfies like meat. Their mission is to create The Future of Protein® – delicious meat-like products-- made directly from simple plant-based ingredients.


Beyond Meat launched its debut product, The Beyond Burger, in Europe in the spring of 2019 to much media and online buzz. The subsequent IPO fanned the flames, generating interest from retail and restaurant customers to carry the product.

Beyond Meat's Beyond Sausage is now making its European debut since early October 2019. This campaign supported this debut and was showcased at Anuga 2019, the world's largest food show. Exciting times ahead! #GoBeyond.



Beyond Meat partnered with Vexquisit to capture the German soccer fans' first taste of the Beyond Sausage to pre-seed to media and share on social media leading up ANUGA (World's largest food fair). Our friends at Beyond Meat came to us with a defined brief, which was our guide to meet their goals through a 60 seconds spot. Plus a 30 and 15 seconds cutdown.



  • Capture the soccer fan's initial opinion about the sausage taste, followed by the reactions when they find out the delicious and meaty sausage they just tried is the 100% plant based Beyond Sausage from Beyond Meat.
  • Capture imagery of product sizzling on the grill / being cooked by chef.
  • Shine a positive spotlight on their (and now ours too) friend and mean-centric restaurant partner, Otto Burger.


  • Build breakthrough media and social media buzz for Beyond Meat by shining a spotlight on the amazing taste of its newest European offering, Beyond Sausage.
  • Drive retail and restaurant customer interest to order Beyond Meat products.
  • Use this proof of delight from the fan reactions to supports the European debut at their booths during the ANUGA show.


While this campaign is mainly used to support the debut of the Beyond Sausage in Europe, it is also seen online by all the Beyond Meat's audience around the globe.

The culture in north Germany can be a little reserved, so we were afraid about the challenge that this could bring when capturing their reactions of the unsuspecting soccer fans. And wondered if even after enjoying the taste of the Beyond Sausage®, their reactions would be globally perceived as expressive enough for other cultures, from other countries.

The Visual Story

From our shot-list, we had already thought of starting the spot edits with a set up of the team behind the food-truck opening up the truck, the lighting up of the grill and the Beyond Meat Sausages getting prepared.

The edit carries an uplifting rhythm, which we achieved through a medium-paced combination of the soccer fans reactions, the sausages, and the overall mood of the event.

Music & Sound

The selected music has a rock feel, which we thought it was a nice fit with Beyond Meat's brand's feel and this edgy campaign. This music was edited to each different length to support the flow of reactions and each individual spot.

For the sound, in order to support the visuals, we enhanced the subliminal ambient details (flame sound, kitchen knob, grilling, etc). As well as some minor cleanups from the raw takes, we mastered it to make the voices more clear. Which enhances the final piece to have a clear messaging.


Shootings are always good fun! Here are some pictures of the setup and the team on Sept 1st, 2019 in the Weser Stadium in Bremen, Germany. For a few more behind the scenes, check out our Instagram Highlight: Behind the Scenes.


Campaign Results


From the start of Beyond Meat's success years, we've witnessed their alliances with meat producer businesses. Yet, we wondered if it would be easy for a plant-based company to partner with non-vegan companies.

While being on the shoot, we got to have interesting conversations with their german partners! It is clear that they are happy and excited to help with their Beyond Meat success and positive impact.

We were reinforced with the belief that partnerships without judgment can strongly incentive people in powerful positions to become important allies for the Vegan Movement, this definitely helps it to grow faster! #gobeyond

Will SchaferVice President of Marketing, Beyond Meat
Roxy and the team at Vexquisit took the time to really understand our project objectives, and they delivered strongly against our creative brief. They were also a pleasure to work with.
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