Case Study

LIVEKINDLY's Animated Series

With the goal of creating a new type of creative messaging.

We were asked to design & produce friendly styled bite-size animation.

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· Client ·


· Director ·

Roxy Vélez

· Scope of Work ·

Creative & Art Direction Strategy
Visual Concept Development
Illustrations & Design
Animation Production


Prior to LIVEKINDLY’S engagement for this project with Vexquisit Studio, LIVEKINDLY’s daily content have been written web posts, inspiring pictures and some live action videos, which they were expanding on.

Our friend Jodi Monelly, Founder & CEO explained that one of their next steps was to create more video content for their different platforms to serve their social media audience. This is when we learned that they had a need for more video creators.

Working collaboratively with LIVEKINDLY’s team, we bring their amazing scripts to life, through setting up a roadmap for keeping an inspiring and solution driven outcome. Creating a personalized series look - while visually staying on brand regarding the design & illustrations.

Existing Brand References


Images taken from IG: @livekindlyco

LIVEKINDLY is a plant-based media company, highly focused on sharing solution driven, positive & informative content about sustainable and compassionate living. Their mission is to inspire people across the globe on a daily basis, by being a positive voice about veganism.

They have an impressively fast growing web readership of 2M per month and with a 1M audience on Facebook of vegan and non vegan followers.

Roxy VélezCo-Founder & CEO, Vexquisit Studio
We simply love working for this niche, which we have an aligned mission with. Which will always motivate us to naturally give our bests concept wise and product wise.


  • Inspire self-reflection with positive actions around each episode’s topic.
  • Demonstrate creativity and distinction in the marketplace.
  • Grow their social impact.


  • Communicating information that supports the vegan movement.
  • Boost client’s social media engagements.
  • Enhance client’s purpose and spreading social awareness.


The initial research started with a conversation with LIVEKINDLY, learning what type of animation content have inspired them in the past, and what concept and feel is important to them. Our researching exercise is an important segment of our concepting stage, as it allows us to explore and push the limits in creating a unique brand series. With a narrowed focus, we can establish a creative and art direction with foundational design elements such as color, hierarchy and type.


  • Keep a concise number of facts in each episode, in order to keep the audience engagement. While ending on a conclusion that inspires self-reflection.
  • The typography will be dominant on all scenes to stay as the driving visual element.
  • The illustrations will support the script, while evoking a sense of simplicity. And aiming to stay engaging and charismatic.

Look & Feel

  • Friendly style with a minimal level of detail so it is easy to comprehend. All the scenes maintain a white BG.
  • Illustrations and typography carry a simplicity feel with a hand drawn look.
  • The style needs to avoid looking overly feminine and young as LIVEKINDLY appeals to a broad audience.

With this color palette we enhance the series identity. Aiming to maintain a charming and pleasant mood.