Case Study

LIVEKINDLY's Animated Series

With the goal of creating a new type of creative messaging,

we were asked to design & produce friendly and stylized, bite-size animation.

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· Client ·


· Director ·

Roxy Vélez

· Scope of Work ·

Creative & Art Direction Strategy
Visual Concept Development
Illustrations & Design
Animation Production

Client Profile

LIVEKINDLY is a plant-based media company, highly focused on sharing solution driven, positive & informative content about sustainable and compassionate living.

Our Role

We bring to life LIVEKINDLY's scripts, through setting up a visual roadmap, that seeks to create a personalized series look — while visually staying on brand.

We create concepts for the visuals, that carry an inspiring tone when telling each story.

Existing Brand References

Images taken from IG: @livekindlyco
Roxy VélezCo-Founder & CEO, Vexquisit Studio
We love creating content that we have an aligned mission with. This will always motivate us to naturally give our bests concept wise and product wise.

Creative Strategy

The initial research started by learning what type of animation content has inspired LIVEKINDLY in the past and what concept and feel is important to them.

Our researching exercise allows us to explore and conclude on a narrowed focus. So we can establish a creative and art direction with foundational design elements such as color, hierarchy and type.

Concepting and creating visual opportunities

  • Keep a concise number of facts in each episode, in order to keep the audience engagement.
  • The typography will be present in all scenes, as the driving visual element.
  • The illustrations will support the script while evoking a sense of charisma and simplicity.


  • Inspire self-reflection with positive actions regarding each topic.
  • Demonstrate creativity and distinction in the marketplace.
  • Effective social impact.


  • Communicating hidden information about the animal products industry.
  • Boost client’s social media engagements.
  • Enhance client’s purpose of spreading social awareness.

Look & Feel

  • Friendly style with a minimal level of detail for easy comprehension.
  • Illustrations and typography carry a simplicity feel with a hand drawn look.
  • Avoid looking overly feminine and young as the client appeals to a broad audience.
With this color palette, we enhance the series identity and maintain a unified mood.

The Challenge

Since LIVEKINDLY’s main audience are non-vegans, these videos could be received with some objections and resistance. Primarily because this series will expose critical truthful scenarios regarding the animal products industry.

Therefore, we constantly verify that the stories don’t get portrayed as biased from a vegan perspective. The tone needs to stay light, direct and engaging in order to be efficient, and only if necessary tap into an emotional aspect.

The Execution

The Story

We facilitated the client with a technical guide for the scriptwriting, which helps them shape all script's ideas be visually friendly in regards to typography animation and not to go over the total time calculated for the video.

We kick off the conceptualizing stage with the delivery of each episode's script.

Illustrations that Tell a Story

We use different visual inspiration cues, depending on each episode's topic. Later on, we sketch the concepts, which get designed and developed into the final animated illustrations.

The following slideshow represents each stage from the execution, prior to the sound work.

Episode: Dairy

The Sound

After we select the music that portrays the topic’s mood at its best, our Sound Architect adjusts it to the timing to the visuals.

Shortly after, he incorporates sound effects, so the complete audio and the visuals grow together to consolidate the story as a complete experience.

A Well Strategized Series - Bringing real Results

Another Win

When we started this video series production, LIVEKINDLY already had an impressive organically grown / 16 months old followers audience of 600K on Facebook. After a little over 3 months this platform has reached an audience of 1 Million followers! While they have naturally shared a lot more content than this animation series, we are happy that with our expertise, we have been able to contribute to this so well deserved milestone.



Jodi MonelleFounder & CEO, LIVEKINDLY
The videos from Roxy and the Vexquisit team are always clear and concise delivering a powerful message that reaches everyone. The team has excellent communication skills, follow-through and are a true pleasure to work with.

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