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Invitations do not need to be boring! With this video, we invite vegan food business owners to apply for a Vegcraver membership. While introducing the brand's style of being inviting, fun and playful.

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Roxy Velez

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Creative Direction
Copy Writting
Art Direction
Character Design
Motion Design
Sound Design

Client Profile

Vegcraver is a Vexquisit Studio's side project. It launched in Berlin, Germany in March 2021. It is the first vegan-only food platform, that makes it easy to experience the best vegan food in Berlin.

Campaign Use

  • Describe the main membership perks and advantages the potential partners can expect from joining Vegcraver!

  • This video campaign is often shared in social media, and it lives ever-green on the partner's landing page, it converts leads to apply for a membership :)

Creative Strategy

The animation needed to communicate the brand's friendliness and a hyped mood. Through fast-paced animation we made the typography be the driving element for communication. The illustrations are simple and serve to support the script while evoking a sense of joy and fun.

Art Direction Look & Feel

Friendly style with a minimal level of detail for easy comprehension. Illustrations and typography carry a simplicity feel with a charming hand-drawn look. Avoid looking overly feminine and young as the target is a broad audience.

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